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  • Saving costs significantly in facility Management?
  • Improving the quality efficiency of your function?
  • Accurate and real-time reporting?
  • Improving the quality of Audit like never before?

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Qualus transforms the traditional paper-based quality check process to real time inspection and audit process giving both the service provider and consumer a complete control and visibility on service quality levels for Facility Management. It ensures the ground team is always on the job and delivering services as per the quality SLA's.

A Great Product comes with Great Features

Paperless System

Graphical Dashboards

Web Interface

Mobile App

Real-time Updates

Customized Reports

Alert Notifications

Real-time Notification

In-built & Customizable

On-site Team mapping

Auditing Process

Scoring Mechanism

A product's value is defined by the benefits that it delivers

Implements a proper facilities management quality plan.

Implements policies based on different building/structure specifications and service level agreements.

Continuously monitor and access the quality levels to gauge the value for money of services being delivered.

Ensure compliance even with the changing needs of the organization.

Reduce customer complaints, call-backs, non-compliance in audits.

Inspection and Audit process for supervisors to get important feedback on employee skills and identify the areas for training and improvement.

Instil a culture of quality in the delivery of facilities management services.